What is an "ETAS"?

ETAS is required for any visa-exempt foreign nationals who are traveling to Autralia. Although you can apply for ETAS anytime, we strongly suggest you to apply for an ETAS as soon as you have decided to travel Australia. You must have your ETAS approved before the entry. Your ETAS will electronically be connected to your passport. Please apply online and make sure you have an approved ETAS.

Who needs an ETA?

- A visitor who holds a passport from one of the following countries or regions: Brunei - Darussalam Australia Hong Kong (SAR PRC) Japan Malaysia Singapore Korea, Rep of (South) United States.
- A visitor whose purpose to visit Australia is following: Tourism, Visiting family/friends, business visiting (Business meetings, Business Events, Business exhibition, and etc)
- A person whose stay is less than 3 months.
- A person who has no other Autralian visas.

What do I need to apply for ETAS?

ETAS can only be applied online. ETAS can be applied easily online, all you need is your passport, credit card, and an e-mail address. Your passport has to be valid until at least one day longer than the date you are leaving from Australia. Please prepare these items and apply. If you wish to apply through our website, you will need to agree on our policies and protocols. If you can not agree with our policies, please do not use our Site.

Who does NOT need an ETAS?

Who does NOT need an ETAS? - Who lives in Australia - Who holds an Australian visa - Who are not from following countries: Brunei - Darussalam Australia Hong Kong (SAR PRC) Japan Malaysia Singapore Korea, Rep of (South) United States If you have had been denied to enter Australia before or forced to leave Australia before (ex. Illegal employments), you would have to go to Australian embassy and apply for a visa.

How long does it take to get an ETAS?

It normally does not take much time, the average days for the confirmation is 3-4 days. A week at maximum. Although it does not take so much time, in some cases like traveling seasons, or the system occurs a technical problems, the procedure takes more than usual. If your application had some special remarks, it will need couple more days than usual procedure. We strongly recommend for you to apply for an ETAS as soon as your visit to Australia is confirmed.

What if my ETAS application is rejected?

Even if your ETAS is rejected, you can still re-apply. If you can think of any factors of your rejection, please put the reasons down on the form and apply again. If you find an error or notice the information you sent was untruthful, please correct the error and apply again. If your re-application is rejected, you will need to get a visitor's visa from Australian embassy at your region.


Electronic Travel Authorization helps you apply for an ETAS on your behalf.

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